About Us

Family-owned and operated, Dexter Sales, Inc. has decades of experience in the international marketplace, enabling the company to offer quality mill products at competitive prices from the world's finest ISO certified producers. Dexter supplies Pipe and Tubing from small diameters up to 72" OD pipe. We are recognized as a leading supplier of heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubing and pipe, meeting the needs of fabricators and producers for straight length, finned, and U-bend materials. Dexter Sales, Inc.'s mission is to put its resources and experience to work on behalf of its customers to:

  • Offer an extensive array of alloys and products
  • Provide the quality each customer expects at the lowest possible cost and deliver it on time
  • Work with our customers in a creative fashion to develop lower cost options

Responding to the diverse demands of its industrial customers, Dexter Sales also provides rod, wire, bar, foil, strip and plates. These mill products are offered in many metals. These include copper and copper alloys, as well as stainless steel, and many nickel alloys.